May 26, 1923 - October 16, 2017



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From Ron Perlman (Twitter - Oct. 16)

From Armin Shimerman (Twitter - Oct. 16)

From George R.R Martin (Oct. 18)

Roy kindly had his daughter record
two video greetings in September 2017
 for the B&B 30th Anniversary on September 25th


Greeting 1   Greeting 2  

YouTube 1     YouTube 2


Condolences E-Card
 from Fans of Beauty and the Beast

in mem
All My Fathers

by Lynette Combs

All my fathers now have died,
and all my mothers too.
Some kin, some not; depends, I guess,
upon your point of view.

Some taught me of the power of love,
its comforting embrace.
From others, there were harsher things
I learned to bear with grace.

Now some I miss, and some I wish
I did but never will.
All served to make me who I am,
and I am grateful still.

(Written on the death of Roy Dotrice, “Father” -
October 16, 2017)
combs father



Armin Shimerman (l), David Greenlee (rt), Roy Dotrice (front)
(Grand Hotel, Birmingham - 1991 - courtesy of David)

Roy and friends in 2013

Episode Captures

We remember Roy Dotrice in some of the final, sombre episodes of the series...

In 'The Rest is Silence'

walk slowly
In 'Walk Slowly


In 'Nevermore'


With Ron Perlman (Vincent) in 'Snow'
Beggars Comet

In 'Beggars Comet'

time to heal
With Ellen Geer (Mary) in 'A Time to Heal'

In 'In the Forests of the Night'
In 'The Chimes at Midnight'
With Vincent in 'The Reckoning'

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Below are other tributes to Roy Dotrice

Special Celebrations



Drabbleno regrets
victory roy

Victoria, a fan since the first episode was shown, cherishes having her picture taken with Roy Dotrice
(Creation Con, 1989, San Jose, CA)


Born May 26, 1923, Island of Guernsey, one of the Channel Islands,
located between France and Great Britain

Read more about Guernsey HERE
He hasn't forgotten his roots on Guernsey,
where his family were bakers.
In 2015 he dropped in ...
Read more HERE
Roy Dotrice is a man of many acting achievements
 - too many to credit on this page ...

... but we offer a modest tribute to this always-amazing stellar talent ...


b judith birth film
Facinating interview from 2009 on the Temple of Schlock blog
Biography on Game of Thrones website rd fam


Playbill lists Roy's many remarkable theatre performances and awards HERE

Roy standing below the stage in the faithful recreation of Shakepeare's 16th Century Globe Theatre in London.
It was constructed about 230m (750 ft) from the original location and opened in 1997.
(Courtesy Michelle via Steff)


Panorama image of the inside of the theatre

Like Roy's career, 'Brief Lives' has been anything but transitory ...

In 1967,  Roy starred in the play Brief Lives, about John Aubrey, which was rapidly transferred to New York.

 In 1968, the play opened in the West End, London, where he did 400 performances and won the 1969 BAFTA award for best actor.

 In 1974, he took the role to New York, and then on a world tour, ending in Australia in 1979.

His 1,782 performances made the Guinness Book of World Records.

 Watch videos of Roy Dotrice in Brief Lives (1979)
A wonderful of video clip of Roy as
Drench of Yew

A video of  Roy's introduction to the TV series of Brief Lives HERE

Trailer  to the TV series (1979)  HERE

What is so fascinating about John Aubrey? Find out  HERE

And for more information on the Book of Days,
in the Bodleian Library in Oxford University,

read THIS

Roy Dotrice is interviewed about Brief Lives HERE

Roy played Hallyne the Pyromancer in Season 2
of the Game of Thrones TV series
Game of Thrones Audiobook narrated by Roy Dotrice

The greatest number of characters voiced in an audio book is 224, achieved by Roy Dotrice, who performed distinct and distinguishable voices for every role in the
unabridged version of George R.R. Martin's
 'A Game of Thrones'.

The set was released on January 13, 2004.

 The full audio book comprises 28 x 72 min discs.

It would take almost a day and a half to listen to the entire work:
33 hours 36 minutes.
b&bIn 2004, Roy Dotrice narrated the Disney version
of 'Beauty and the Beast'
as part of the Storyteller Series.

Listen to it HERE
water Roy also narrated the audiobook of
Watership Down, the popular fantasy tale about a colony of rabbits, by Richard Adams
mermaid lin  mulan Dotrice also narrated many storybook adaptations for Disney Records, including "The Little Mermaid" in 1989, for which work he was nominated for a Grammy award.

Listen to him in The Little Mermaid HERE

Other books include "The Lion King"(2004) and "Mulan" (2004)

Listen to him in The Lion King HERE

Listen to him in Mulan HERE



'Clochmerle' was a British TV series which appeared in 1972. It comprised nine 30 minute episodes.

Roy played Cure Ponosse (front row, second from left)

Filmed on location in France, it also starred Wendy Hiller, Cyril Cusack, Kenneth Griffith, Cyd Hayman, Bernard Bresslaw, Hugh Griffith, Micheline Presle, Madeline Smith, Christian Roberts, Nigel Green, Wolfe Morris and Gordon Rollings. It was narrated by Peter Ustinov.

The episode titles themselves are hilarious:

Episode 1 The Magnificent Idea of Barthelemey Piechut, the Mayor
Episode 2 The Triumphant Inauguration of a Municipal Amenity
Episode 3 The Spirited Protest of Justine Putet
Episode 4 The Awful Awakening of Claudius Brodequin
Episode 5 The Painful Infliction of Nicholas the Beadle

Episode 6 The Scandalous Outcome of a Night of Destruction
Episode 7 The Inexorable Power of the Third Republic
Episode 8 The Dreaded Arrival of Captain Tardivaux
Episode 9 The Glorious Triumph of Barthelemey Piechut

Watch Roy in a video clip from the series HERE

The series was based on a 1934 French satirical novel of the same name, by Gabriel Chevalier, set set in a village in the Beaujolais region of France. The story explores the ramifications of the installation of a new urinal in the village square.

There is an interactive site of Vaux en Beaujolais, the village which was the inspiration for Clochmerle - and proudly admits it - HERE

The book did enjoy a brief fad in the 1970s, and was available in North America in both hardcover and paperback translations. Look for it in second hand bookstores.

For Beauty and the Beast fans, Roy's performance was unforgettable


His costumes were almost as numerous and intricate as Vincent's
Here we present a few of them.
Click to enlarge image
2 ouat a aa
r acs ts soo
fpk dow gbtc kbs
soo coi ads nib

Pipeline interview with Roy Dotrice in 1989 HERE (pdf)
(many thanks to Steff for allowing this use of her blog post)

4 way judith

Watch the introduction to 'Father' in the Beauty and the Beast pilot episode (Once Upon a Time in the City of New YorkHERE
(YouTube clip)

carne The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes (1971)

Roy played the hunchbacked detective, Simon Carne.

Watch the episode on YouTube HERE
dickens Dickens of London (1976)

Roy played the starring role in this mini series.

It can be watched on YouTube beginning with the first episode HERE


What would a special page be without it?? Enjoy!

foreverForever Has Given Her Call

by Jessica
angie  Mementos

by Angie

cindy  Princes, Pawns
and Opening Gambits

Father Wins by Forfeit

by Cindy
judith Father's Stories

3 Tidbits

by Judith

by Ulrike



Roy's film career has been as illustrious as that in other genres

Browse the full list of his screen credits HERE

amadeus  Amadeus (1984)

Roy played a stern father to Tom Hulce's vulgar but talented Mozart in this lush production shot in Prague.

It won 8 Academy Awards in 1985 - including Best Picture.

For a look at his role in this film,
watch a special YouTube video

DVD info and Cast List HERE

hb2  Helboy 2 - The Golden Army (2008)

Roy appeared as King Balor, in the second of the movies which starred his friend (and former Beauty and the Beast associate), Ron Perlman, as Hellboy
It was a short role, but a poignant one
Watch the YouTube clip HERE

In 1973, Roy was featured on "This is Your Life"


In 2013, he recalled the interview.
Read more and watch that interview HERE


1960 British Academy Television Award (BAFTA) for 
Misleading Cases (1967)

British Academy Television Award for Best Actor;
1969 - Brief Lives

1989  2nd place Q (Quality Television) Award
   Best Supporting Actor in a Quality Drama Series
Beauty and the Beast (1987)

Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play;
2000 - A Moon for the Misbegotten

Watch the YouTube clip of the Tony Award presentation HERE

Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play;
2000 A Moon for the Misbegotten

Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play;
2000 A Moon for the Misbegotten

In 2008, he was appointed an
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

in Queen Elizabeth's New Year Honours.



Now a little something more from Roy's Beauty and the Beast fans  ...
click to enlarge images

Photomosaic of Roy as 'Father' using episode captures from the series
Thumbnail (low resolution)
Hi res
High Resolution mosaic

Download and watch video of photomosaic (mp4)

judith2 judith letter judith 3
auto hb auto


In honour of the B&B 30th Anniversary,
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