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First, Last, Always

Catherine looked over at her love. He always looked serene and contented in sleep.

A moment later, he awakened and looked at her.

What?” he asked, somewhat hoarsely, feeling her love, and unable to prevent his physical reaction – not that he wanted to.

Vincent, if you knew this was your last day on this earth, what would you do?”

Vincent gazed at her and his mouth twitched.

Can you have any doubt?”

Catherine smiled.

No, not when I can see the evidence before my eyes. Shall we pretend?”

So they did, although pretense was unnecessary.


Catherine swore she could feel Vincent's heated gaze over her naked body. Although hers was not quite so demonstrative as his, her physical reaction was obvious.

“Vincent,” she whispered, “you shouldn't do that.”

“Why not, my love? You like it and I certainly enjoy doing it.”

Catherine sighed. He knew she couldn't hide her anticipation from him.

Well, she could do something, if she was careful. Abruptly, she pounced, forcing a grunt from him.

“Because I won't be responsible for my actions,” she said, shifting suggestively atop him.

“Good,” Vincent replied, holding her to him tightly.

Take All of Me…

Catherine stepped onto the rocks beside the pool. She stretched her arms above her head.

Standing with her, Vincent watched the shadows dance a silent symphony across her nude body, highlighting rounded breasts rising above the flat plane of her abdomen, where their four children had been cradled.

Catherine’s eyes turned to his, before moving across his chest and flanks. As naked as she, his body responded as she knew it would. The intense passion between them flared anew.

She smiled sensually. “You know, it’s been years since we’ve made love in the water.”

Together they leapt into the pool.
The Kiss

“I wish we could stay like this all day.” Catherine stretched, pushing one leg between Vincent’s naked thighs.

“I’m afraid Mouse is going to burst in at any moment demanding to know what’s keeping us.” Vincent laughed. “He wants your advice about what to give Jamie for a Valentine’s gift.”

“Chocolates are always good.”

“Like this?” Vincent pushed one hand beneath his pillow, bringing out a beribboned box.

“Exactly like this.” Catherine smiled, opening the gift to reveal hand-made confections. “Have I told you lately how much I love you?”

“Not lately…” Vincent leaned closer to kiss her chocolate-covered lips…


The erotic art on this page is divided into three categories:

Soft: romantic, sensual

provocative, sexual

genital, intense


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