Roy Dotrice reads 'Beauty and the Beast ' (from the Disney Storytellers Series)

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Readings from the series

 Readings by Fans

Sonnet 29 - William Shakespeare (Siege)

Surprised by Joy - William Wordsworth (Nor Iron Bars a Cage)

Letters to a Young Poet - Rainer Marie Rilke (Temptation)

Ozymandias - Percy Bysshe Shelley (Ozymandias)

Fern Hill -Dylan Thomas (Remember Love)

Intimations of Immortality - William Wordsworth (A Gentle Rain)

Song of Myself - Walt Whitman (The Outsiders)

You Darkness - Rainer Marie Rilke (Arabesque)

The Decay of Lying - Oscar Wilde (When the Bluebird Sings)

Acquainted With the Night - Robert Frost (A Distant Shore)

The Ballad of Mouse's Bedstead  - by Pam Ayers (read by Skippy)

The Velveteen Rabbit - by Margery Williams  (read by Skippy)

The Phantom Bottom Pincher of Central  Park - by Bill  Kearns (read by Skippy)

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