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Artwork (original or prints)

Costumes (authentic or replica)

Decor decorative items, ornaments, etc.)


Fan Zines



Printed Matter (posters, etc.)

Recordings (tapes, records, cds, dvds)


Toys & Games

Various (convention items, miscellaneous)

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Items to Trade
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Artwork Offered
Item 44

Signed and numbered (35/250) print of Vincent reclining on bed by Beth Blighton, 11" X 14"
Contact:  email
chan Item 40

Print of Sandra (Chandler/Chan) Shelton's drawing of Vincent sitting on the bridge in the Whispering Gallery (10" x 14"). Dated 1991
Contact: email
Dolls Offered
Vincent doll Item 04
Three foot tall, hand-crafted Vincent doll with three layers of clothing, outer ones trimmed with leather. Unfinished feet without footwear. Asking $1,500.
(For more information about this doll, see Treasure Chambers Museum, Statues & Dolls, pg. 6, Item #482)

Contact: btaylor
Photographs Offered
JA photo Item 53

4" X 6"  black and white fan club photo of Jay Acovone, autographed in pen (lower left). Click on image to enlarge
port photo Item 51:

Official Republic 8" x 10"  glossy colour photograph of upper portion of Olivia portrait. Click on image to enlarge
Contact: email

Above & Below Item 49:

Above and Below - by Edward Gross. Excellent condition
Contact: email

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Items Wanted

Decor Items Wanted
( No image available) Item 02
 Gallo pewter Vincent letter opener (2 sought).
 Contacpg emailk email
Printed Matter Wanted
27 ad Item 27
Season 2 script "For Better or Worse" by David Schwartz,  with photos.
(Ad shown - click on image to enlarge)

Contact: k email
Statuettes Wanted
48 C 48 V Item 48

Catherine (2 1/8") and Vincent ( 2 1/4") Gallo pewter figurines (not chess pieces)
Contact:  pg email
CathPew FatherPew Item 08
Gallo pewter Father figurine (not the chess piece)

Item 09
Gallo pewter Catherine figurine (not the chess piece)
Contact:  k email

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