As part of the 30th Anniversary Online Convention,  the Treasure Chambers is happy to offer
ALL its cross stitch patterns FREE to fans.
Simply use the email below and state the number of the pattern you wish to have.
All patterns are emailed as zip files and contain the image, chart and coloured pattern.

All patterns derived from artworks are used with permission of the artist.
 Many of these patterns have been completed by fans and may be viewed in the Fabric Art section of The Treasure Chambers Museum.
Any questions or suggestions should be sent to:


Cross Stitch patterns from art by:  Other patterns
Rosemarie Hauer

Jamie Murray

Clare Sieffert

Lynn Wright
Special Project
Studio Photos
Episode Images


Smaller patterns, celebrating B&B events and people,
may be downloaded from the Cross Stitch Chamber

A full list of all B&B patterns may be downloaded HERE (pdf)

Many of these patterns have been stitched by fans.
See them in the Fabric Art section of the Treasure Chambers Museum.

Special Project

The World Below

Size: 89w x 143h
45 DMC colours

On 22 count canvas,  this will measure 4" X 6" (10 cm x 15 cm)

Clare Sieffert

A Distant Shore - very detailed version

ads det


Colours: DMC 81
Size: 191w x 259h
File Size: 203K

A Distant Shore



Colours: DMC 55
Size: 143w x 193h
File size: 141K


0909 Masques


Colours: DMC30
Size: 198w x 155h
File size: 61K

Jamie Murray

Study of Vincent

Jamie Murray Vincent


Colours:  31 DMC

Size: 148w x 171h
File size: 145K

Study of Catherine


Colours:31 DMC

Size: 148w x 171h
File Size: 144k

Lynn Wright

Vincent Humble



Colours: 58 DMC
Size: 123w x 170h
Fabric: Black Aida
File size: 131K

Vincent Silhouette

0921 Vincent Silhouette
Colours:  6 DMC
Size: 75w x 92h
Fabric: Black Aida
File Size: 102K

Hooded Vincent

0903 Hooded Vincent


Colours:  12 DMC

Size: 87w x 122h
Fabric: Black Aida
File size: 33K


0901 Vincent


Colours: 17 DMC
Size: 72w x 99h 
Fabric: Black Aida
File size: 34K

Rosemarie Hauer

Children's Story Vincent

#0915 Children's Story Vincent


Colours: 21 DMC
Size: 143w x 202h
File size: 68K

Studio Photos

Vincent Arms Crossed



Colours: 91 DMC
Size:  200w x 300h 
File size: 268k

Vincent Poised
0924 Vincent Poised

Colours: 49 DMC
Size: 150w x 233h
File size: 180k

Vincent & Catherine Portrait

VC Studio


Colours: 66 DMC
Size: 200w x 257h
File size: 249K

The Wild Side Subway Poster 

Wild Side Subway Poster


Colours: 24 DMC
Size: 150w  x 153h
File size: 60K

Detailed Portrait



Colours: 20 DMC
Size: 150w x 418h
File size: 81K

Simplified Portrait

#0914 Simple Portrait


Colours: 19 DMC
Size: 105w x 264h
File size: 60K

Vincent Thinker

Vincent Thinker


Colours: 25 DMC
Size: 200w x 250h count
File size: 83K

Wild Side Billboard Poster



Colours: 19 DMC
Size: 300w x 135h count
File size: 71K

Episode Images

Vincent Hourglass



Colours: 60 DMC
Size: 150w x 138h
File size:  145k

Sunrise Vincent



Colours: 60 DMC
Size: 98w X 115 h
File size: 112k


All pattern files offered on this site MUST be opened with the Hobbyware Viewer, which is free to download:

The pattern files are compatible ONLY with PC/Windows computers, but a compatible file for other operating sytems
can be provided upon request.


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