A potpouri to mark September 25, 2017


Artist Rosemarie Hauer shares
how she created her new portrait


Revelations Galore

Between January 1993 and May 1995, George R R Martin participated in an online discussion about our series.
The transcript makes fascinating reading.

Download and read the PDF

Linn Bankson created a special drawing
for this celebration
'In the Shadows'

adult vid
Sonia Corral has produced a special video
of her ADULT artwork
to celebrate the 30th Anniversary.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Visit her website
Visit her OnCon Gallery HERE

B&B matte artist, Syd Dutton's wonderful painting of the Whispering Gallery

(click to enlarge)

whispering gallery

A facinating interview with artist Wendy Pini,
after a visit to the B&B set to do research
for her illustrated novels:
'Portrait of Love' and 'Night of Beauty
love night

Download the interview HERE (pdf) 19MB

Special Digital Art

45 gold 47
25 vr2 forever

Romance in 100 words

My Dearest Accident

by Cindy

I reach for you; I’m almost there,

Hunting with the moon.

I cursed my fate. Did I come too late?

Or did you leave too soon?

Did I save you or you save me?

No paths to where we are.

One moves toward love or moves away.

While wishing on a star.

We face our fears and move through those

And gather up the years,

And cast away our life’s sorrows.

In a well too deep for tears.

It’s all true then; it’s all true now,

Thirty years and gone.

You’re still my dearest accident,

The star I’m wishing on.


And a beautifully poetic Drabble/Tidbit

'Dancing Light"

 also by Cindy


A Moment in Time
by Angie

A whispered name

A soft reply

Bright lover's flames

Blaze from their eyes

Their arms reach out

Their bodies close

His cloak about

His precious rose

Their sighs are deep

The night is dark

While both worlds sleep

They roam the park

Her warmth will crown

Their bond sings true

Green eyes oft drown

In eyes of blue

Their love wraps peace

Around their hearts

Hands rue release

When they must part

Before Sun shows

Hear soft good-byes

He's back below

Above she cries

Though days are full

That come too soon

Yet both will mull

The nights and moon

Fan Fiction Redux
by Allison

There are 30 years worth of stories floating around the internet. Classic, Season 3, SND,  Crossover, Alternate Universe, First time, STEAM, to name a few. Zines have been around just as long.

We celebrate the authors who have given us these riches. As long as we believe, these stories will never die. They will continue to inspire new ones and revive old favorites.

Joan Stephens, Trisha Kehoe, Nan Dibble, Barbara Hill, led the charge, and countless others will be remembered by the reader's curiosity for Catherine and her Vincent.

They will live on in cyberspace and in the written word.
30 Years Gone - But Not Forgotten

by Allison

The tears have all been shed now
We've said our last goodbyes
The show's been blessed and laid to rest
And now we feel alone.

So we gather every year, sharing memories
Stories, art, crafts and more
They are more than just our comrades
Fellow fans, many best friends
They'll still be heard in the videos we share,
The stories we write, pictures we draw

When we review them on our own
We never will forget them
For they made us who we are
Actors, Writers, artists, poets
Fans forever, friends for life
Beauty and the Beast, 30 years 2017

Our Artists
by Allison

Artists abound in the Beauty and the Beast universe. Beth Blighton, Rita Terrell, Barbara Gipson, Rosemarie Hauer,  Anna Deavers Kelley, and many others have adorned pages in zines and sites all over the internet.

30 years we've seen them draw our Tunnel family in happiness and tears. They continue to inspire new artists and authors with their creativity.

We've had our share of poets too. Peggy Garvin, Lynette Combs, Jody Boyle, Nancy.

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. The poets help us Keep The Dream Alive. Poets and artists keep Catherine and Vincent real.
The Magic Lives

by Angie

My hands weave pictures, rugs and tales

My friends encourage, oft regale
My computer tells me what to do
On days where other jobs I rue

I adore the face, that one so rare
I love the tales that make me care
The scripts and sets, the people sooth
And lend a universal truth

I watch with joy and heartfelt pain
Each ep a voyage loved again
They're memories that never pale
Bright moments on a New York scale

And always, always, I'm aware
This 30th Anniversary shared
Is monumental like the show
Lit candles flicker - but always glow

A Special Poem

"Almost With You."

by Deidre Lockyer
Catherine, I would be always by your side,
This is our hearts' fondest desire.
Every day, in so many ways, I can already say,
I am almost with you:

Sit with me, here by this great oak tree
I will be your strength, sure and steady
One single certainty in the face of each changing season.
I am the cool water that clears your mind in the heat of the day
My hand is the gentle breeze stirring your hair
Where the rain falls, I will kiss the earth at your feet
so that flowers spring ahead of your every footfall.

Open this book of poetry
Listen close, my voice echoes gently in each verse
My dreams lie here in these inky arabesques and curlicues
Entwined with words that seek only to reach into your heart
To comfort you, to soothe away any cloud
that darkens your tenderest emotions.
Feel the texture of these pages, the rough and the smooth
This is my skin beneath your fingertips
Breathe deep, here is the scent of every rose I have brought you
Each one a kiss, a wish for the future.

When your day is done, close your eyes to the night.

Should the wind come singing unexpectedly through the windows
Hear your name, it is my voice calling.
Bid the day farewell, blow out every candle
My breath will rise with the smoke, curling once
to touch the softness of your cheek.
And should the day ever give you cause to weep
You will taste the salt of my tears on your lips.
Rest your head, calm your thoughts
I will be waiting
There, in the landscape of your dreams.
You see, my love,
Though the world may conspire to keep us apart,
We will yet be together
In each day, in the most meaningful of ways,
I will always be
Almost...with you.

A Musical Interlude

Lee Holdridge, who composed the music for Beauty and the Beast, also composed many other wonderful works, including a collaboration with Carol Connors (who wrote the lyrics).
It resonates with anyone who loved the story behind our series.

(Music by Lee Holdridge, Lyrics by Carol Connors)

I love you with a heart
That knows no one but you
A love I never thought I'd find
A love that comes but once and
Never comes again
A love until the end of time

I'd give you all the love I have in me to give
If I could only make you mine
I love you with a love I've never known before
A love until the end of time

I can't believe that you're not unreal
You're everything I wanted you to be
I always knew someday that I would find
A love like ours until the end of time

I love you with a heart that knows no other love

A love I can't believe it mine
Now that I've find you I will never let you go
From now until the end of time

I can't believe that you were not unreal
You're everything I wanted you to be
I always know someday that I would find
A love until the end of time

Placido Domingo and Maureen McGovern sing it HERE

A beautiful piano version may be watched on YouTube HERE
Download a lovely flute and harp version HERE (mp3)

Crafts and Memorabilia

Hooked Rug


"Light To Love" Hooked Rug
(14" x 40"/ 36cm x 100cm)
Note: A cross-stitch pattern is available free in Gifts
Vincent Cross-Stitch
by Donna
(pattern designed by Angie)

cross stitch

Winterfest Candles
by Barbara


Fun with found objects

vincent stuffie
Seated Vincent Stuffie (9"/23cm)


Miniature photo locket


Tiny cameo earring which inspired Angie's fanfic for the 'Together Forever' conzine

Hooked Rug

Vincent hooked rug
Vincent Hooked Rug
(19" x 24"/ 48cm x 61cm)
Based on a chalk drawing by Lynn Wright

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